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5 Tips For Making A Road Traffic Accident Claim

Making road traffic accident claims can be both scary and stressful. It is important to stay calm and follow these simple tips. It always helps to speak to an expert as soon as possible after the accident has occured


1. Protect All Evidence

At the earliest opportunity following an accident, you should take photographs of the scene, vehicles involved, debris from crashed vehicles, damage to crashed vehicles and any marks on the road related to the accident. Once vehicles are moved it is very difficult to prove where they had been. You should measure and note the position of vehicles on the road with reference to certain fixed objects such as a telegraph poles or entrances.
You should also have photographs taken of any visible injuries you have suffered – this provides a useful historical record when at a later date many of the physical scars of an injury have healed. Its important to know all the facts so you can estimate accurately how much your personal injury claim is worth.


2. Do A Detailed Statement Of How The Accident Happened

It is most important that you write down in the fullest detail how the accident happened and what injuries you suffered. You should set out the time, date, weather conditions, road conditions and the mechanics of the accident and why you consider the other party is at fault. It is important that you complete this statement at the earliest date.


3. Record All Your Injuries

After the accident – even if it has only been a minor one – you should always see your doctor for a checkup. This is important. A failure to see a doctor at an early stage may cause difficulty later on. Make sure you tell the doctor that you were involved in an accident and detail all your injuries, both physical and psychological, no matter how trivial they may seem to you at the time. Make sure that the doctor makes a note of these details.
Keep a record of present symptoms and from then on, record your condition on a regular basis. You should also keep a note of all your medical examinations, when you went, what was said and any medical opinions offered.
Sometimes an injury is exclusively psychological. Sleeping difficulties, headaches, problems coping with simple everyday situations, constant tiredness, loss of memory, nightmares or flashbacks are all common symptoms. If any of these symptoms affect you, you should bring them to the attention of your doctor immediately. Your doctor may refer you to a specialist for an opinion on these injuries and you should go at the earliest possible date.


4. Report The Accident To Your Own Insurer

If you are the driver or owner of a vehicle, you should inform your own insurance company immediately; even if you consider that it was not your fault. Failure to report the accident to your insurer could mean that your insurance company would not cover you at a later date should someone make a claim against you.


5. Record All Your Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

You are going to have out of pocket expenses such as doctor’s fees, traveling expenses, pharmacy bills, hospital fees and property damage as a result of your accident. Make sure that you keep all receipts and record all such expenses. If you have a loss in wages, also keep record of all.


6. Get An Estimate On Vehicle Repairs

If your car has been damaged as a result of the accident, you will need to establish whether or not the car is:

a) A write-off i.e. uneconomical to repair compared to the cost of replacement

b) Repairable

You should bring it to a garage to establish the repair cost in comparison to the pre-accident value of the car. If the pre-accident value is less than the repair cost the car will be written off and you will be allowed the pre-accident value less the scrap or salvage value of the car.

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