Pedestrian Accident Claims*

Pedestrian Accident Claims

Every year hundreds of pedestrians are injured on Irish roads and it obviously goes without saying that pedestrians are amongst the most vulnerable of all road users. According to Road Safety Authority statistics, in any given year pedestrians usually account for about 13% of all casualties (i.e. including persons injured or killed) in road traffic accidents on Irish roads. In 2016, at least 35 pedestrians were fatally injured in road traffic collisions across Ireland, which represented almost 20% of all road fatalities for that year. In urban areas pedestrians are particularly vulnerable, for example in 2016 a total of 10 of the 21 fatalities recorded on Dublin roads were pedestrians.

McSweeney Solicitors have a reputation of successfully helping pedestrians who have been injured by negligent motorists in road traffic accidents to pursue their legal rights to make a claim. We are specialist injury solicitors that deal with all types of pedestrian injury claims from those involving minor injuries to the most severe life changing cases, including catastrophic injury cases such as those involving permanent disability; spinal injury; traumatic brain injury, and; fatal injury cases. We take pride in doing our very best in every case and fighting hard for pedestrian victims of road traffic accidents to achieve the best possible legal outcome for their pain and suffering, loss of earnings, medical and other expenses, and mental trauma (if applicable).

We often find that when a pedestrian is hit by a car or other motor vehicle they are concerned about fault or liability for the accident. In our experience, most often unnecessarily so because even if you believe the accident was partly or even wholly your fault you can usually still make a personal injury claim against the motorist’s insurance as there is a very high onus or duty of care on motorists to avoid collisions with pedestrians.

However, if you have materially contributed or were blameworthy to a significant extent for your own accident then it is possible that your compensation could be reduced. This is known as contributory negligence. Insurance companies will often raise contributory negligence in pedestrian accident cases, common examples we see are: drunken/intoxicated pedestrians; pedestrians crossing when traffic signal was red; distracted pedestrians such as texting, using mobile phone or listening to music, etc.; pedestrians running out or crossing road without paying attention, etc. But even in these type of cases we can more often than not help the injured pedestrian obtain fair compensation for their injuries and losses.

If you or a family member have been injured as a pedestrian and want to find out about your rights, we can help you by providing no obligation initial advice on whether you are entitled to make a pedestrian accident claim compensation. You can speak to a specialist injury solicitor who will be happy to answer any of your questions, such as:

Personal Injury Accident Claims

As a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) we pride ourselves on giving you honest, clear and impartial advice. If you have a valid claim we can help you achieve the best possible result out of your pedestrian accident claim by fighting to ensure you receive adequate and fair compensation.


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